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Bead World Edmonton

Come discover one of Edmonton’s best kept secrets…

About our shop

Our shop is located in the North West of Edmonton. We strive to provide our customers with a great array of products. Over the last 25 years we have had the opportunity to grow our collection buying beads from all over the world including The Czech Republic, India, Thailand, Canada, The United States, China and Africa. With our expansive product selection there is infinite possibilites for what you can create!

What we do

We provide our customers with the tools and materials to create the unimaginable! Let our products inspire you into making beautiful things

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Just Some of the Products we offer…

We are passionate about providing Bead World clients with a wide range of products. We scour the world finding new trendy and high quality products to offer our clients the best options when it comes to beading!
Seed Beads

We sell a large variety of Seed Bead Brands including Miyuki, Preciosa and MGB! We also sell many different styles of 2-cut and bugle beads. One of our more popular items is our Delicas as well as our hanks of Preciosa Seed Beads.

Swarovski Elements

We carry a diverse assortment of Swarovski Bicone Crystals as well as Swarovski Pendants and shapes. We also sell Swarovski flatback crystals. Swarovski is known to produce high quality crystal products created in Austria.

Semi Precious Stones

Not only do we have Semi Precious Stone bead strands we also carry a variety of loose stones for wrapping and large decorative stone pieces. We currently have some unique large pieces of Amethyst, Labradorite and other stones in our store!

Cage Pendants & Aromatherapy

Create your own Aromatherapy Jewelry easy with our Cage pendants. Simply add a  few drops of your favourite essential oil to a lava bead, put it into a cage pendant and voila, your very own diffuser necklace! Bead World is also proud to carry 100% pure essential oils.

Come Find Us

10150 156 Street NW
Edmonton, AB, Canada

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